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Our Macaws

Recently We are getting a lot of people ask questions about our lovely birds here at cryils so Charlie asked me to share his story with you all 

Hello Everyone
My name is Charlie and my friends name is bowa 
Unfortunately she was born with a disability and has a problem with her foot but manages to get around very well and manages to cope well.
We were bought and taken to a new home where sadly we were put in a very small cage and because we made a noise were covered for most of the day and night and every now and then got out for a fuss or to stretch our wings.
Life for us was really bad and both of us were very sad and unhappy and we both thought that we were going to have a life of misery.
However, one day in September 2021 Along came Michelle at Cyril who put us in a carrier which was actually bigger than the cage we lived in and took us away.
Where were we going, what was to become of us? We were both scared but these people spoke softly to us and although we were very apprehensive and a little frightened were taken to a new home. 
Wow, What a difference we had a big cage and were able to spread our wings, but better still the lovely ladies at Cryil's let us come out and gave us lots of fuss and cuddles.
Our lives changed completely and we were loved by our new family.
We were given treats and a good diet and things that we had never been given before, fresh vegetables and fruit and lots of nice treats.
The main thing that we were given is lots attention and we are now both happy, we now also meet lots of people and lots of children who talk to us and our new adventure has begun
Although you don’t see us out of our cage when it’s busy we get to come out and play when you’ve all gone home, this is because sometimes I might try and nip at your fingers when I get crowded but I don’t mean any harm. 

My friend bowa is a right scruffy girl and sometimes looks as though she needs to go to have her hair styled although I pull some feathers out, I don’t know why I do it but that is what we parrots do sometimes but she is my best friend.
Anyway enough about me and bowa but I just thought that you would like to know a little bit about our background and how our lives have changed for the better since we came to our new home here at cryils. 
Thank you everyone for talking to us and making us happy. 

If you have any questions about us please feel free to ask our humans at cryils

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